Do you love Music? Do you enjoy being on the water? Do you welcome an active challenge? Do you not mind being around people all day? And do you want to experience the Wadden Sea World Heritage from mainland to sea to island? If so, register for the Bloggers event!

The yearly event “Horizontoer” (Horizon tour) will take place from August 4th until August 14th. Horizontoer is a floating music and theatre festival. You travel with six traditional sailing freighters from island to island. Music and theatre groups play on every island as well as on board.

During this 28th edition of the festival, the Wadden Agenda organises a bloggers´ event featuring a beautiful and unique UNESCO World Heritage site: the Wadden Sea. The event comprises the Frisian coast and islands. The objective of this Interreg 5A project is to raise awareness about our Wadden Sea World Heritage. The bloggers´ event is organised by Pilat Advies, partnering with Horizontoer, Friesland Province, the Wadden Sea Islands, and the RMT Association of North East Friesland.

Here you will find a video with impressions of “Horizontoer”.

As the event covers 10 days, we have selected three smaller programme. You can find here part 1, here part 2 and here part 3For each sub-programme, we invite four Bloggers. A total of twelve Bloggers will participate. If you have special requests about  the programme, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Together we can create the best programme.

What do we expect from the bloggers?

  • Participate in a full sub-programme ( unless you are physically unable to do so, we expect you to participate in all activities).
  • An open and flexible attitude. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned, so you should have an easy-going personality.
  • Willing to travel by car to the north of the Netherlands together with other bloggers
  • Willing to share a cabin with another participant of the festival (please note, on the ship there is little room for privacy, private rooms are not available).
  • Willing to participate, when needed, in the daily chores on board (doing the dishes in the World Heritage is an unique experience J )
  • Three blogs about the accommodation, activities and the area (this is about one blog per day)
  • A minimum of five posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a specified Hashtag.
  • Approval for publishing of the blogs. It is possible that we will ask you to publish only after three months
  • Preparedness to share your text and images (always after consultation)

What do you get in return?

  • An unforgettable, unique experience of the World Heritage Wadden Sea
  • A visit to the unexplored coast of Friesland and the Wadden Sea Islands
  • Be the first to see upcoming talents perform. Miss Montreal and Frederique Govaerts from Krezip were part of the programme before they got famous!
  • Enrich your network and make new friends.
  • Experience special sunsets aboard or on the islands with different styles of music. Spontaneous jam sessions may also occur on board!
  • Back stage experience with the musicians;
  • A unique mix between nature, culture and relaxation in a dynamic environment
  • Have a great time in a relaxed

The programme on the Frisian coast and aboard (lodging, food and activities) will be reimbursed. Furthermore, we reimburse your travel costs (€ 0.19 per km). Daily rates might be possible on consultation. For the drinks on board and on the island, we ask you for a contribution.

Are you enthusiastic about the programme and the criteria and would you like to discover Friesland and the World Heritage Wadden Sea? That means we are looking for you, so please complete the form below before the 15th of June 2016. We will reply before the 22nd of June 2016.

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This project is funded by the INTERREG program of the European Union and the INTERREG partners.

Dit project wordt in het kader van het INTERREG-programma financieel ondersteund door de Europese Unie en de INTERREG-partners.